About Us

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The Veteran Commandos Motorcycle Club is a non-profit organization consisting of active and retired Special Forces soldiers from around the world (Commandos) and Military Veterans of all services (Veterans) who enjoy riding motorcycles, the company of like-minded people, and a true desire to assist Veterans and their families by supporting and donating to various Veteran charities.
Our full patch membership is comprised of (male only) both active and retired soldiers, that have served in all the branches of their respective countries military and consist of both the Commando and Veteran Levels of membership.

The centre patch (VCMC LOGO) worn by members of the Veteran Commandos Motorcycle Club consists of the parachutist wings as a universal symbol of elite forces around the globe, a single dagger runs vertically through the center of the corresponding jump wings.

This club also welcomes members who have served with the Special Forces without a jump course or their countries parachutist wings (VETERANS) with a keen interest to support the club initiatives and abide by it’s protocol.

The Veteran Commandos Motorcycle club respects all other clubs and colors. We are not a 1% club nor are we territorial. We do not seek conflicts with or interfere with other clubs and we welcome fellowship with like minded clubs. We respect all individuals’ rights and freedoms and expect the same of ours.

The VCMC has two levels of Membership – Commando consisting of members who have earned their parachutist wings – Veteran of military service without parachutist wings. This level of membership is denoted by a Level Tag on the left breast of their cut.

The Commando and Veteran levels are also identified by a VETERAN top rocker – all other forms of members are identical

Our sister club – made up of civilians (Commandos) falls under the same club guidelines with membership comprised of civilians interested in furthering the cause of veterans through charity, fellowship and the love of riding motorcycles. New friendships will create opportunities for business, travel and social networking throughout the world. They operate under the mandate of the Veteran Commandos Motorcycle Club. Our club work’s very closely together to maintain our direction as one. We support all veteran associations and welcome any new members that share our vision and philosophy.