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Welcome To The Commandos Motorcycle Club


The Commandos Canada MC was formed in 2015 as the Veteran Commandos MC by former members of the Veteran Paratroopers MC. The club has gone through a few variations such as a VMC designation until recently sanctioned Canada wide by the Dominant MC in Canada in 2018 where the club received their MC designation with a CANADA bottom rocker assigned.

The Commandos Canada Veteran Motorcycle Club (CMC) is a male-only, non-profit Club, comprised of active and retired Armed Forces from Canada. The Club’s objective is to assist Veterans and their Families by supporting and donating to the various Veteran Charities.

The Commandos Canada’ Club Colours consist of a Top Rocker “COMMANDOS”, a Centre Patch composed of a Maple Leaf, Wings and a Combat Dagger running vertically through the centre, a Motorcycle Club (MC) Cube, a Bottom Rocker “CANADA” and a 3rd Rocker or Side Rocker with VETERAN”).

The CMC has two ranks of membership; Commando and Veteran as indicated by the Tag on the front left of the cut. Above that is the individual’s position within the Club/Chapter; for those members not holding an official position the acronym CFFC will be displayed (Commandos Forever, Forever Commandos). The Tag on the right of the cut indicates the Chapters Province and above that the Chapter Name. (If voted on, and agreed on by the majority, a Loyalty Patch could be adopted on the front bottom centre of the cut. Example – CFFC. If the Loyalty Patch is adopted there will be no requirement for the CFFC on the upper Left Tag.

The CMC is a non-territorial Club; respecting all other Clubs and Colours. The Club does not seek conflict with, or interferes with other Club’s operations, nor do we have any affiliation with 1% Clubs. We respect all individuals’ rights, freedoms and expect the same of ours. We welcome comradeship with like-minded Clubs who take pleasure in riding motorcycles. New friendships create opportunities for business, travel and social networking throughout the world. We support all Veteran Associations and welcome any new members that share our vision and philosophy.

The Commandos MC have a number of Brother clubs, both Veteran and Civilian throughout Canada and worldwide. These clubs are in the Commando Brotherhood and operate under the same protocol as Commandos Canada.

These clubs include but are not limited to, Compatriot Commandos (Civilian) Greymen (Civilian) Commandos Sweden, Commandos Philippines, Brotherhood Commandos (Belgium) all comprised of Military active and veteran members. There are also a number of independent civilian members throughout Canada and worldwide attached to nearest Commando Chapter.